A versatile, wearable, AI solution.


Unparalleled collaboration, communication, and safety.

A focused, wearable voice AI solution that drives productivity, quality and accuracy into Healthcare, Biopharma, Care-At-Home, and Industrial Care sectors.


Real time communication made easy. Instant, hands-free & on the move.

Assists & Alerts

Pre-set reminders, process steps & schedules for productivity and compliance. Connect equipment for instant alerts.


Track mobility, wellbeing & safety. Defined parameters trigger human monitoring.

Continuously Improves

With privacy in mind, we collect valuable, anonymous data to review and improve products and services.

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How does
Voyce help?

Health Care

Connected equipment & connected staff alert & react instantly. Stay organised and always communicating.

Clinical Drug Monitoring

Voyce Virtual Therapist is always available to detect, even predict out-patients care needs. Voice, Vital Signs and Mobility Analysis combines to offer ultimate monitoring of wellbeing & health.

Aged Care at Home

Voyce Virtual Therapist, Device and Dock Sensing combine to keep seniors at home safe & healthy for longer. Our advance monitoring include wellbeing, cognitive, mobility, sleep, fall and wander.

Industrial Care

Voyce Service Tech solutions equip field engineers with process guidance, instant record keeping and access to equipment product manuals. Service made easier.

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