“Panic early! Avoid the rush!”

— James Terrell

What do you do at Wallflower?

My typical day includes meeting with potential customers or development partners, product definition / architecture, and some prototyping if we are looking to prove out a new feature.

I’m fortunate in that our tech team and partners are top-notch and really don’t need any hands-on management. We decide on a direction and they “Just make it go.”

Why did you join Wallflower?

I spent most of my career in consumer and enterprise electronics before joining Yap and getting pulled into speech as Victor’s engineering VP. The Voyce badge joins those two worlds about as neatly as possible so that was a big draw.

Also, who wouldn’t want to work on the Star Trek Comm Badge?

What benefits do you think Wallflower’s Voyce bring?

I believe Wallflower has an opportunity to move speech into enterprise and caring spaces where generic dialogs and search models are not yet good enough. Speech tech is always improving but I don’t believe it has crossed the threshold of usability for many day-to-day enterprise and caring applications. I think we can accomplish that at Wallflower.

How do you balance work and life in a remote environment?

I’m in Charlotte, NC, and much of rest of the team operates on European time. So, I spend early mornings on Wallflower and shift over to personal life a bit earlier in the day than I used to in a typical day job. I’ve also been living more of my life online than I used to (hello, Zwift!)

Favourite Show or Podcast?

I am currently addicted to GutnTog’s volcano updates on YouTube. I think watching hot lava ooze through Icelandic valleys probably counts as some kind of meditation or mindfulness exercise.

I also have a fascination with Paul Scinocca’s ship-watching videos. I half grew-up in Michigan so it’s fun to stay in touch with the Great Lakes.

What are you most excited about in the future at Wallflower?

Getting the badge to folks who need it and seeing how it changes their lives for the better.