State-of-the-art voice and AI technology to interact with people and machines.


Unparalleled collaboration between people, machines, and enterprise systems.

Voyce combines state-of-the-art voice technology that enables us to communicate efficiently, receive & send messages, and get alerts and notifications from people and machines. Integration with enterprise systems allows real-time access to information, delivering unparalleled collaboration, agility and quality.

Insights to improve quality, efficiency, safety, and security.

Voyce augments safety with indoor location services, fall detect and built-in panic button, immediately alerting and providing location when activated. Voyce also allows for real-time at-work and at-home mental and physical health tracking through the ability to query users and/or monitor them via advanced speech analysis that can detect mental and physical states (e.g., stress, anxiety, fatigue).

Key Features

Improve safety, security, and increase efficiency.

Advanced dialogue recognition using the latest generation of speech technologies allows for natural conversation between medical professionals, patients & equipment.

Real-time and hands-free access to vast quantities of unstructured data and documents such as specifications, product manuals, regulations, etc.

Monitors mental and physical states via advanced voice analysis to rate stress, anxiety, and/or fatigue. Tracks biomarkers such as motion, heart-rate, breathing, etc., to keep your users safe and healthy.

Indoor and outdoor location tracking with panic alerts and fall detection to keep track of people and improve safety and security.

Supports custom wake words to build brand awareness and increase interaction with your brand.

Privacy mode is easily enabled to protect sensitive conversations and maintain compliance.

The Voyce platform deploys on your or your customers platform for increased security, data privacy, and to maintain compliance (e.g. HIPAA).

Technical Specifications

Durable Power House with optimal design for comfortable wear.

Microphone array with acoustic beam-forming to support directional voice input from user.

AMLogic Quad Core ARM CPU with power efficiency.

E Ink display with option to display name and title in standby mode with simple notification and alert display design when active.

Precise, high quality speaker rated at 70dB with audio frequency range 600Hz – 6KHz for voice quality perfection.

Murata Mimo 2×2 dual band 802.11ac 2.4 GHz & 5 Ghz

Bluetooth BT 5.0 and 4.2 ready. Wireless headset compatible and accessory device to smartphone for audio calls and authentication.

2400 mAh with standby for 72 hours and active mode over 12 hrs in active voice, audio & call combo.

X = 2.8 in (72mm), Y = 2.8 in (72mm), Z = 0.5 in (12mm) / 2.1 oz (60 g)

Voyce’s unique value allows our clients to improve organizational safety and efficiency.

How does Voyce help?

Increased Safety

Indoor and outdoor location tracking with panic alarm and automatic fall detection improves the safety and security of your most valuable asset, people.

Hands Free

Strengthen communication and responsiveness of employees by linking them with a fast and easy to use platform to initiate VoIP calls or send messages hands-free.

Voice Command

Use speech to request access to data such as regulatory information, operating procedures and product manuals. Record real-time notes and data logs to electronic records.

Mental Health Tracking

Real-time mental and physical health tracking with advanced speech analysis. Voyce can detect mental and physical states (e.g., stress, anxiety, fatigue).

Data Privacy

Deploy Voyce on-prem to safeguard your data and maintain control and ownership.

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